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About District Mayor

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    Hello, dear friends,

    My name is Jing, Shing Chen and I am the mayor of Nei-men Township. I was lucky to become a mayor with all the support and assistance I have received from the town people. With my appreciation, I am here to inform you all of my future administrative philosophy.
    • I am proposing on building and implementing comprehensive township infrastructures for the promotion of well-rounded local development.
    • combining existing resources with local industries, I will be devoted to developing the town's tourism industry for the fostering of local economic prosperity.
    • promoting social welfare policies, providing proper care for groups in need such as the disabled, elderly, women, children, and low-income families.
    • strictly prohibiting the establishment of landfill sites in the township to protect town people's health.
    • Planning a vision for future Nei-men, renovating the look of a sports park, setting up tourist spots in Luohan-men, creating comfortable living space, advertising comprehensive Luohan-men culture.
    • Promoting folk crafts activities: 12 large-scale local festivities and activities in Taiwan: Nei-men Song Jiang Battle Array in March.
    • Planning on overall community infrastructures, including Innovative Ideas Creation Cultural Park.
    • Building memorial pagoda and public cemetery so that town people can be cremated and buried here, and be forever remembered in Nei-men.
    I am devoted to provide highly efficient service to all Nei-men people, so that each one of us can live a more happy life.

    Nei-men has gorgeous view of plentiful green forests and a simple living environment. It will definitely be worth a visit from all of you as over here in Nei-men, your body and mind are relaxed and your stress is released.

    Wishing you all good health and continued prosperity.
    * Telephone: 886-7-6671211
    * Fax: 886-7-6673111
    * Address: No.20, Neimen, Neimen Township, Kaohsiung County 845, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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